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Enjoying Tonkatsu in Kyoto Sushi

If you love fried dishes, you certainly do not ignore fried pork Tonkatsu. This is fried breaded pork. In Japanese, “Ton” means pork, “katsu” is acronym of “katsurety”, originating from English, means cutlets. The meat is often used is pork loin or f…

Excellent steamed egg in Kyoto Sushi

Not only Korea, Japan also has an excellent dish steamed egg! If you haven’t known, steamed egg in Japan is known as Chawanmushi. Different from Korea, Chawanmushi has more smooth structure and the ingredients are also different. Blending with fatty…

Enjoying Japanese cuisine, you must order Tempura

Love Japanese culture, “addicted to” Sushi in Kyoto Sushi but never order Tempura? It is not right. Beside sushi and sashimi, one of the most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine is Tempura. What is tempura? Actually, Tempura is general name of a dish i…
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