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Enjoying Tonkatsu in Kyoto Sushi

If you love fried dishes, you certainly do not ignore fried pork Tonkatsu.

This is fried breaded pork. In Japanese, “Ton” means pork, “katsu” is acronym of “katsurety”, originating from English, means cutlets. The meat is often used is pork loin or fillet.

The biggest difference is that Tonkatsu is fried with panko, a type of Japanese bread making from white bread without crust. It is panko making crunchy shell, wrapping crunchy and succulent pork inside. Crumb without crust creates brittleness without being oily.


It shall be harmonious if you enjoy Tonkatsu with salad and shredded cabbage served together by Kyoto Sushi. Love fried dished, you definitely do not pass Tonkatsu.

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