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Excellent steamed egg in Kyoto Sushi

Not only Korea, Japan also has an excellent dish steamed egg!

If you haven’t known, steamed egg in Japan is known as Chawanmushi. Different from Korea, Chawanmushi has more smooth structure and the ingredients are also different.

Blending with fatty taste of scrambled egg, combining with fresh shrimp, chicken and mushroom, Chawanmusshi makes many diners surprised because of its special flavor. Not just that, Chawanmusshi is also good for your health thanks to balance of nutrients. If you do not like oily dishes, Japanese dishes, especially Chawanmushi in Kyoto Sushi, are really suitable for you.

Japanese cuisine is full of essences which we believe that no other place in Da Nang may convey completely. Kyoto Sushi shall bring to you those cultural values delicately and perfectly from the simplest dishes!

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