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Enjoying Japanese cuisine, you must order Tempura

Love Japanese culture, “addicted to” Sushi in Kyoto Sushi but never order Tempura? It is not right. Beside sushi and sashimi, one of the most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine is Tempura.

What is tempura? Actually, Tempura is general name of a dish including vegetable and seafood dipped in mixture of flour – egg – water and deep fried. Simple as that but not all places are able to make a “right” Tempura. If you have tasted Tempura in the country of blossom flowers, you shall be ultimately surprised when you come to Kyoto Sushi because we are able to convey the extremely complete taste. Each piece of vegetables is wrapped in flour but the freshness is not lost. Seafood still maintains its natural sweetness. We believe that if you have tasted Tempura in Kyoto Sushi, you shall never find the flavor in other place.

Never tasted Tempura before? Come to Kyoto Sushi today, we’ll make you pleased!

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